Calasept Plus 4x1.5ml Syringes

  • CALASEPT Plus has a very high content of calcium hydroxide (> 41%) giving a high concentration of hydroxyl ions.
  • These generate the high pH value of 12.4 which has a pronounced bactericidal effect, i.e killing of bacteria.
  • High concentration of calcium hydroxide means long-lasting because the paste can release calcium ions for a long time.
  • CALASEPT Plus smooth consistency allows you to deliver the medicament with pin point accuracy.
  • CALASEPT Plus is a
    ready-to-use paste in air tight syringes for direct application through the Flexi-tip.
  • Five indications for use include temporary root filling, pulp capping, pulp protection, as an insulator in deep cavities and stepwise excavation.
Product Code 31000
Manufacturer Nordiska
Pack Contents 4 x Syringes 1.5ml
20 x Flexi Tips

Material Safety Data Sheet(s)