Emmi-dent 6 Ultrasonic Brush Kit Featured

  • The Emmi-dent 6 Ultrasonic brush is 100% ultrasound
  • It generates up to 84 million ultrasonic waves (air vibrations) per minute and billions of microscopic nano-bubbles which are created from the toothpaste. The Nano-bubbles, which are 1000 times smaller than bacteria, support the ultrasonic cleansing by destroying the bacteria on the enamel, interdental spaces and fissures. Ultrasound implodes the nano-bubbles which shreds the membrane of the bacterium into a thousand pieces.
  • Emmi-dent kills bacteria up to 12mm below the gum line and provides optimal care and protection for teeth, gums, implants,crowns, bridges and braces.
  • Emmi-dent reliably eliminates coffee, tea, food and tobacco stains. Teeth are whiter because the natural colour is restored within a short period of time.
  • Motionless, friction-free and gentle cleaning without brushing
  • Kills bacteria whilst reaching 12mm below the gum line using patened ultrasound technology
  • Removes plaque, stains and cleans interdentally
  • Ultra-effective against bleeding gums, ulcers, gigivitus, periodonititis and bad breath




Product Code 10080
Manufacturer Emmi-dent
Pack Contents 1 x Emmi-dent Handset
2 x Ultrasonic Brush heads (red & blue)
1 x Charging station
1 x 50ml Nano-Bubble Toothpaste (fresh)