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13 July 2020


Presented by Professor Laurie Walsh AO and Dr Yao Teoh.

The old adage “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” seems an unusually apt description for some of the most recent advances in calcium hydroxide-based materials in endodontics. The idea of calcium hydroxide is not new, but it can now be delivered in now and different vehicles which greatly improve its effectiveness chemically and microbiologically (and also enhance its handling properties). The “something blue” aspect refers to the greater alkalinity (the blue colour of litmus dye) that can be achieved by altering the vehicle or carrier, to remove water but still be completely able to work in a water rich or water poor environment.

This webinar will provide a summary of the science and research behind the rethink of calcium hydroxide, and then go on to discuss what it means from the standpoint of clinical endodontics, focusing on the practical advantages and handling properties of these new materials.

Taking an evidence-based approach, all the work discussed in the webinar has already been published in high impact material science journals and endodontic journals. The webinar will also discuss some recent research which debunks the long-standing view that placement of calcium hydroxide materials weakens roots - which turns out not to be the case!

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